Extract COVID-19 Public Data data with Singer

About the COVID-19 Public Data tap

COVID-19 Public Data An aggregated set of covid-19 related data from multiple public sources. The Singer COVID-19 Public Data tap pulls data out of COVID-19 Public Data and delivers data in a standard, JSON-based format.

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Data Catalog

Supports the extraction of individual data streams and fields



Example data

This tap currently (V1.0) extracts the following resources:

CSV Data Files: Git API Search with filename and extension filters from the following COVID-19 Repositories; streaming in new/changed files: Johns Hopkins CSSE Data - jh_csse_daily EU Data - eu_daily - eu_ecdc_daily Italy Data - italy_national_daily - italy_regional_daily - italy_provincial_daily NY Times US Data - nytimes_us_states - nytimes_us_counties Neher Lab Scenarios Data from Neherlab Biozentrum, Center for Computational Biology - neherlab_case_counts - neherlab_country_codes - neherlab_population COVID-19 Tracking Project - c19_trk_us_daily - c19_trk_us_states_current - c19_trk_us_states_daily - c19_trk_us_states_info - c19_trk_us_population_states - c19_trk_us_population_states_age_groups - c19_trk_us_population_counties - c19_trk_us_states_acs_health_insurance - c19_trk_us_states_kff_hospital_beds (per 1000 population)

The tap outputs the schema for each resource and incrementally pulls data based on the input state (file last-modified in GitHub)

We are looking for volunteers to help add data sources - join us on the Singer.io Slack channel in the #covid-response channel.

Getting started

Installing and running the COVID-19 Public Data tap is easy. Check the repository for specific setup steps.

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          $ pip install tap-covid-19

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Send COVID-19 Public Data data to these targets

Singer targets can consume data from the COVID-19 Public Data tap and do something with it, like load it into a file, API or database.