Extract linkedin-ads data with Singer

About the linkedin-ads tap

The Singer linkedin-ads tap pulls data out of linkedin-ads and delivers data in a standard, JSON-based format.

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Data Catalog

Supports the extraction of individual data streams and fields



Example data

  • Account Users
  • Accounts
  • Ad Analytics by Campaign
  • Ad Analytics by Creative
  • Campaign Groups
  • Campaigns
  • Creatives
  • Video Ads

Getting started

Installing and running the linkedin-ads tap is easy. Check the repository for specific setup steps.

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          $ pip install tap-linkedin-ads

Contribute to the linkedin-ads tap

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Discuss on the Singer Slack.

Send linkedin-ads data to these targets

Singer targets can consume data from the linkedin-ads tap and do something with it, like load it into a file, API or database.

Run this tap automatically

Stitch can run the Singer linkedin-ads tap on a schedule you define. Take advantage of Stitch's automatic infrastructure scaling, error alerting, and more—no code required.

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